School Uniforms

Students in K-12 are required to dress in the standard school uniform every day. The uniform consists of the following apparel items:
  • HPS Polo Shirt (Color Options: Burgundy, Grey, Black)
  • Khaki Pants (No longer sold at HPS - can now be purchased at any retailer. Khaki color or black khaki are only.)
  • Skirts/Shorts (No longer sold at HPS - khaki color or black khaki shorts are acceptable. Khaki color or the standard maroon uniform plaid can be purchased at any uniform retailer. Length requirements - no shorter than 2" above the knee for both shorts and skirts. Items should fit loosely.)
  • Shoes (Tennis shoes of any color; no sandals, Crocs, open-toed shoes permitted.)
COVID-19 UPDATE: The uniform blazer for Grades 7-12 is not required this year.

Please refer to the Student Handbook on the Parent Page for detailed dress code information.
Polo Shirt
HPS Youth Pullover
HPS Adult Pullover
HPS Youth Fleece Jacket
HPS Adult Fleece Jacket
PREP Sweatshirt
Phys. ED Shirt (Grades 7-12 only)